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Growing up in Germany, I was fascinated with films from Hollywood and Disney and already dreamed of someday living in America and somehow connecting these two countries. My journey began in 2000 by studying acting in Stuttgart and soon after began performing in local theatre and other smaller roles. In 2007, I moved to Berlin and produced my first theatre play and continued my acting career. In 2012 I co-wrote, produced and stared in the gay romantic comedy Men to Kiss. The film was shown in the Frameline Film Festival in cities around the world and won 8 awards. During this worldwide tour, I got my first taste of the beautiful, colorful and magic city of San Francisco.

In 2017, after a near death experience, I took a leap of faith and packed my bags and moved to San Francisco. The magic of San Francisco quickly took over and I soon was married and dove deep into the rich LGBTQ+ community. As an active member of the SF Gay Men’s Chorus, I was part of their award-winning documentary, Gay Chorus Deep South.

After a short stint in the corporate world working for a larger tour company, I realized my dream was to have my own company where I could bring people together and show them the wonder of San Francisco.  In 2019, FRANK-IN-CISCO was born!  Living in the US and building a new business in recent years was not always easy.  Politics and a global pandemic have presented many challenges.  Yet here I am, two years later and my heart is full of gratitude.  I have had the pleasure of giving hundreds of tours and meeting so many great people visiting from Germany as well as Germans living in the Bay Area. 

I am also grateful that FRANK-IN-CISCO gives me the platform to continue to express my love for filmmaking through the many videos, live streams and other social media postings that I do to show my followers the magnificence of San Francisco even if they can’t be here in person to take one of my tours.  Stay tuned for another feature film from me sometime in the future!

Many people don’t realize that San Francisco has a rich German heritage.  In fact, German immigrants played a huge part in helping build San Francisco in the early 20th century. In a city with two iconic bridges as its symbols, it’s no wonder that I have found my passion here in connecting people of these two great countries. 

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